Runway Hair Styles

Capelli Capelli stylist Annette Coltelli finds inspiration from Runway hairstyles and haircuts by
attending a hip L.A. hands-on workshop given by Oribe styling team.

It's 10:00a.m., on April 14, at Siren Studios on West Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. Hairstylist Annette Coltelli arrives
at the Hollywood location ready to create the latest Runway looks from recent catwalks with Oribe Runway artist Ramona Eschbach.

Eschbach begins the intensive by demonstrating a braiding technique designed to flatten an area of the head near the occipital bone. Then, she proceeds to address the rests of the hair. Starting near the face with a triangular section incorporating a portion
of the center part, she grasps a large hairpin while explaining not to begin close to the head. She then weaves the hair around the hairpin twisting the pin tight at the bottom to secure the hair.

Coltelli meets her willowy, long hair model and begins by braiding the back of her hair and then commences the process of weaving her twenty-four inch long hair around the hairpins until the entire head is complete. After weaving, she uses a flat iron to heat and set
each section. Next the hairpins are removed revealing the beautful S-shaped pattern created from the technique.She brushes out each tendril and forms the hair into a soft voluminous, crimped creation that gently adorns the model's striking features.

After a quick lunch, Eschbach introduces the men's haircut and styling technique used on the runway at Paris fashion week. After watching, Coltelli meets her male model and begins closely cropping his hairline while leaving the sides and top of his hair uncut.
Then, beginning in the back of the head, she sections ½ inch portions of hair and applying Oribe's Superfine Strong Spray. Then combing the hair into place
and while applying pressure, she dries the section with a blow drier on the cool setting. She continues until both sides of the hair are tight and directed toward the back of the head. She parts
the hair on both sides finding the recessions at the front of his hairline and begins the same technique used on the side to secure
the hair straight back from the front of the hairline. When finished, the hair is sleek with a sophisticated high shine look.

"I can't wait to return to the salon to recreate these looks. I find creative sessions reinvigorate my work and inspire me to create incredible haircuts and hair color in the salon".